AI prediction for Hawaii vs Vanderbilt: Shockingly low-scoring, competitive tilt in the works

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Using a dynamic model with up to-date stats and qualitative information, we used AI to predict the Week 0 opener that features Hawaii vs Vanderbilt.

Below is a quarter-by-quarter AI prediction, culminating with a final score and statistics projections for each team.

First quarter

Hawai’i’s offense, led by quarterback Brayden Schager, takes the field with an intention to exploit Vanderbilt’s questions in the secondary. Vanderbilt’s defense, armed with a strong linebacking core and solid safeties, seeks to counter Hawai’i’s passing game. The first quarter becomes a defensive showdown, as both teams strive to establish their presence on the field.

Score after 1st Quarter: Hawai’i: 3 Vanderbilt: 3

Second quarter

As the game progresses, Vanderbilt’s quarterback A.J. Swann steps up to lead the Commodores’ offense. Swann, with his experience from last year, connects with top receiver Will Sheppard to gain critical yardage. Vanderbilt’s offensive line holds strong against Hawai’i’s defensive pressure, allowing Swann to make well-timed throws. The Rainbow Warriors’ defense manages to keep the Commodores at bay, leading to a back-and-forth battle.

Score at Halftime: Hawai’i: 6 Vanderbilt: 10

Third quarter

The second half begins with both teams intensifying their efforts. Hawai’i’s quarterback Brayden Schager displays improved decision-making, utilizing his receivers more effectively. Vanderbilt’s defense remains resilient, relying on its cornerbacks to challenge Hawai’i’s aerial assault. Running backs from both teams start to find openings, establishing a balanced offensive approach.

Score after 3rd Quarter: Hawai’i: 13 Vanderbilt: 17

Fourth quarter

As the final quarter approaches, the game hangs in the balance. Hawai’i’s running back Tylan Hines showcases his prowess on the ground, while A.J. Swann continues to command Vanderbilt’s offense. Swann orchestrates a well-executed drive, culminating in a crucial touchdown. With time winding down, both teams push harder, engaging in an electrifying exchange of plays. The game concludes with a dramatic finish that leaves fans on the edge of their seats.

Final Score: Hawai’i: 20 Vanderbilt: 24

Player of the Game: A.J. Swann (Vanderbilt, QB)

Swann’s poised leadership and crucial plays on offense prove instrumental in guiding the Commodores to victory. His ability to read the field and make accurate throws under pressure earns him the title of Player of the Game. His final statline is 22-34 for 280 yards with two touchdowns to go with six carries for 30 yards and another score on the ground.

Predicted team stats: Hawaii vs Vanderbilt


  • Passing Yards: 264
  • Rushing Yards: 122
  • Total Yards: 386
  • Turnovers: 1


  • Passing Yards: 280
  • Rushing Yards: 140
  • Total Yards: 420
  • Turnovers: 0

Real person reaction

I’d be surprised if the game ended up this close, although I think it’ll be closer than most people expect. This is also a pretty low-scoring affair considering both defenses have major question marks, but again, it’s the first week of the season and defenses usually shine before offenses find their rhythm. I like the result, but necessarily the margin.

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